Carrie Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher, 1887 June 20 and Henrietta Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher and Note of address

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Carrie Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher, 1887 June 20 Jeffersonville VtJune 20th '87My Dear Sister-.

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I as long as mama had writen I would. I am coming up Wed with Papa and Mama and come back with you will that be all right. I am glad you are going to teach wont it make Mrs Helen Griswold feel jealous to think that you are earning just as much in four weeks as Nellie in 8. We have been talking about going over the lake this morning You Papa and I in a team and cross

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the lake on a boat wont it be fun I think we will have a good time.

I went to church all day yesterday I hope Mama can come up Wed I must close and go to my work for it is not half done. (as usual)

Good bye write to me once moreC.M.F.

P.S. Did you know that she that was Florence Wilcox had got a little boy. I should think mama was crazy by the looks.

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Henrietta Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher Sunday nightDear Katie

I have got your waist and expect Mr Pearl down to morrow and will send it by him if I can, if not will send it some other way. mamie told Carrie she would let you know by tuesday if she went up or not. I do not think she will, we will borrow the money for Mrs T_ if we can. Ida will not come back for one week, so this will give you four weeks teaching at five doll per week How much does she (Mrs Tracy) charge for it is only 19 weeks tuesday since you commenced

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if it was the 9th of Feb when school began and you know how much you have been home almost one week decoration

Monday morn

Papa says this morning he thinks he will go to the Boro and sell the sugar, if so we shall not have to hire You did not say wheather to send any clean garment or not but think best to send a [shirt]

In hasteMama

I am sane

Note of address

Katie. E. Fletcher
(AT Mr Tracy's)
Politeness of Mr Pearl