Edward C. Smith to Henrietta Fletcher, 1887 July 7

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San Jose, Cal.,July 7th 1887My Dear Sister

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I dont know whether I am owing you a letter or not but as the case may be I will drop you a line and tell you that we are still alive and well and hope you are the same We have just returned from a four weeks camping trip in the mountains having visited during this time some of the most noted places in the world including the famous Yosemite falls and valley Tuolumne Merced and Calaveras groves of big trees the Natural bridge and the Mercer cave at Murphys and to tell you of the many wonders and sights which we saw would be impossible unless I could sit down with you for a whole day Our outfit consisted of a [    ] of horses a good covered wagon tent cooking utensils [baling] &.c. The distance we traveled was

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over 450. miles sleeping out on the ground and cooking on our camp stove and as we took plenty of good grub lived well of course our outfit was not complete without a gun which Kept us well supplied with choice game such as quail dove rabbits grouse grey squirels and our good deer and for a change fine trout from those pure mountain rivers no place in the world affords the sportsman so much joy as the mountains of Calif. altho they are hard to ascend one point we reached an altitude of over 8000, feet where we pitched our tent for the night and when we arrose at sun up there was a hard frost notwithstanding six hours before we started our ascent the thermometer stood at 85[degree symbol] in the shade. After our four weeks trip we return somewhat fatigued but amply paid for we have witnessed some of the grandest scenery in the world at a trifling expense. Having heard nothing from you in so long a time I do not Know whether you have sold that lot or not or the hay If not I am anxious to have the matter up at once for every dollar helps us in our

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business if not disposed of say what you will give or take and if the hay is sold send my share if I should buy I will pay you cash and if you buy you do the same I received a letter from Kit and answered the same a long time since did she receive it Please write me at once and tell me all the news and what you are doing and all about the old neighbors is Chancy Warner still living if so see him for me and give him our best regards This is vacation for the children and they are having a gay time picknicking &.c. I only took Carl with us to Yosemite it was a great treat to him I have some big offers to go back on the road which I may do soon we all join in regards and love to you all Kit-write Uncle Ed a long letter

Your BrE C Smith