[Harry Fallangton?] to Katherine Fletcher, [1887?] September 1

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MontpilerSep 1, [87.]Halloo Kate

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I received you letter friday [night] as I was geting redy for the [       ]. I wish I were where I could loose my hat and [lift] the [table] up side down and take the chares out from under Carrie and you and crawl under the bed when the time come.

Why dont you write some funy [     ] on a line of [    ] does Fred ever get mad as he ust to last term does [         ] old Campbell would say any thing if I should write and ask him if I could

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write to you and [     ] do you supoes he would say that a little boy was writing to one of the scholars and and he wanted to know ho it was and if you would tell him and he would tell me not to would tell him that he was an old fool and I would do what I wanted to and he [might] do what he wanted to but that was all the good it would do.

Last night I was walking out with an other boy and we looked up on the sid hill and wee Saw to [girls] up there and they motioned to us to come up but we stoped by the side of a fence and they sat doown on the grou and [motians]

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some more and one of the other boys by the name of Wady cam along and he say there sating there and he thought he would go and go and [mash] but he cot up with them and they want him so bad that they stoped and talked with him and he hardly had the spunk to [   ] ther quetions and all he said in back was I will be out some dark night and they said they would and he walked away half skart to death

I am writing this in hours so I half to look out for my self that B is up [                ]. I wish I was at home partl and partly the other way.

ex cuse bad writing [     ] beaus writer in a hurry

Your truly[Hary C Fallangton.]