Carrie Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher, 1887 September 8

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Jeffersonville VtSep 8, 1887.8.30 P.M.My Dearest-.

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I thought you would be wondering to night how we were at home "Well we are all well. I go to school and we have 29 scholars and Miss Caroll 21 and we expect more. Do you have a room mate. I have just been in Miss Barton's room and had a good time eating Choklate Drops. I sit with Myra & we study

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to. Oh! say Miss B. told me to ask you if you had told Frank Holmes that message Mrs Hurley has a little girl a day old. Miss B. & I went in to Ethel's tonight. Oh! my what style. I will send you the Boro paper either Saturday I have no rubber or pen up here but you will be glad to this wont you! I and Papa went to the Boro the other day and got me a pair of shoes a pair of gloves and two pair of stockings. & yesterday I got me a new print dress

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will [   ] send you a sample it is getting late & further more I am sleepy So good night my dear write soon & dont let any one see this


P.S. if you can read this you can do better than I I can write better. C.