Carrie Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher, [1887 October 8] and Henrietta Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher

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Carrie Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher, [1887 October 8] Friday Night.My Dear Sister-.

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As you will be expecting a letter tomorrow will write. We are all as well usual Grandpa and Grandma came down Wed and stayed untill to day Grandma did not say much about the baby excepting she was large.

Mr Knowles took tea with us last night so you see it keeped me and Mama pretty busy.

Papa has gone to Westford to day and has not got home yet. Carl W.

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payed Papa the other day I bet the money stuck in his pocket dont you? School goes nicely and we are going to have a picnic tomorrow and Katie you nead not wary about my getting into any more "tricks" as you tell about." Oh! I must tell you Carl Wicks has got a little girl. Edie and Myra were up here last night and we played games and ate apples.

Mamma said to tell you as soon as Papa got a check cashed he would send you some money they could not cash it here but he is going to try at the Boro so dont worry.

Mrs Cleveland is to work

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on my dress hoped she will get it done by next spring. We heard Mamie Flagg. was sick but dont know for sure it is so to bad for she had to leave last term. I guess we will call Baby Bessie Lillian dont you like that. Miss Pheba Powell has come back to give music lessons wish I could take but dont have any time to praxis I work a good deal for me.

the Griswold's are going to move to the Junction next week.

Miss Barton joined the lodge a week ago to night and has gone now. Mrs Reed started for New Jersey yesterday

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and took Jennie and Fifie so Flossie is left all alone Mr Croft will preach here next Sunday, chat is all Ida B. talks about You Katie I think I have writen a long letter.

So Good nightCarrie

P.S. [   ] Sat. A.M. mamma says to get the book and she will send you some money the first of next week Carrie

Henrietta Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher

I made a raise, go slow on money Carrie & I are washing