[Jennie Perry] to Katherine Fletcher, [1888] February 10

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So. Hero, Vt;Feb. 10.Dear friend Katie;-

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Have you thought of me once, my dear, since school was out? I have thought, of you many times and of the good old days past. I wish our class were all going to meet in the old Normal building Tuesday. Would n't it be a grand reunion?

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What have you been doing since school was out? I have spent my time sleeping, washing dishes, reading and writing letters Don't you think it has been profitable spent? Some thing of a change from Johnson life.

I shall be glad when summer comes, so that I can go to teaching, for I am just longing to study again or do something in that line of business.

Are you going to

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teach, or shall you go into school again?

How is friend "Ober" of course he has been down by this time?

Didn't I laughed though at that little episode in the cars? It was perfectly proper though. and I do not blame you a bit.

I guess they will all be glad in J- when school commences again for they all tell about its being so fearfully lonesome.

Of course you have heard of Mrs Campbell's

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sickness. It would be very sad to have her taken away.

I am alone to-day the folks have gone to Plattsburgh, and I have been thinking of graduation day and it starts the tears every time.

Dont it seem lonely Sunday nights? It does to me.

You will have to guess at the contents of this letter but you will know that it is from your-

Old friend,[   ]