[Jennie Perry] to Katherine Fletcher, [1888] March 20

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So. Hero, Vt;Mch. 20-Katie dear,-

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I was delighted to get your letter for it made it seem like old times to hear you talk even though it was on paper, like some of our old chats we used to have in your room when I used to come in there and find you alone It pleased me very much to hear

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the slight declaration you made at the station that morning we came away: and Katie dear, I think I can reciprocate the feeling you expressed for I feel very differently toward you than what I used to feel you were really most a stranger to me until last term and I feel that during the term we became some what "aquainted"_

I received a letter from Bess also Sib. Smith the same day I got yours Is it not grand that

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that Bess is able to teach school?

I guess they are having a grand time at J-, I should like to be up there. They are trying to get me to come before June, but hardly think I shall go. Eva Woodward is there visiting at present.

Another sad death is Wilmer(?)'s mother I suppose you have heard all about it.

O, Kate! how did you manage to pull through that big storm? It was a [genuine] blizzard

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we are just beginning to dig out.

I hear that "Friend Ober" has been down on that line. How is the brave boy, prospering? Somewhat bad for poor me that I live so far from the line. but we are going to have a telegraph line strung through here; that will be better than no line at all; but I guess the R.R. will come next, only I will be an old grey-haired maid by that time. Yes an old school marm.

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Have you seen the "Class letter" yet? Lucy B- writes that it has gone by her. It will take it some time to get to me and then will be quite a grist fit by that time. All the better.

I went to the exhibition given in the evening at the Town Hall for the bang up of one of the schools here. I met one of my old "brothers"(?) [    ], and so all went off

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"hunky". Now my dear I [     ] buzz around a little first for [fun], but of coarse am [    ][close] to that Baker boy-

by the way Frank and Alma do not dally this term. Whoes fault do you think? I guess there are two sides to the story- always are you know. No one likes to get the "mitten" but Ego. Yes I like to get them on a cold day-

I have burned around quite an amount since I

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got home but do not honestly care about it they have to teaze me every time they get me out

I write letters a good share of my time. They intend to keep me busy_ I think this is nonsense enough for this time.

Yours lovinglyJ__