C.R. Thompson to Katherine Fletcher, 1888 May 10

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Secor IllMay 10 88.Miss Katie FletcherAccepted Friend-

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Your very kind letter received and accepted. I am as you see by my adv a music teacher I teach Piano, Violin, Guitar, and Cornet. I am engaged this season by a Brass Band in Secor my native town. I traveled last season but being a lover of home accepted a situation here. My Father owns a large farm near town and is in well to do circumstances. I am his only heir. I have considerable property myself so you see I am not compelled to teach music

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but do so because I like it. I do not belong to any church but might by the influence of a dear friend. I am strictly temperant but smoke a cigar occasionaly. Regarding your mail, may I suggest that you get a box in your Post Office by which you will be able to get your own mail. prehaps I had better send photo with my next. I know of nothing to write that would interest you this time so if this strikes you favorably will try and make it more interesting later. you may address your letters to

C.R. ThompsonBox 13Secor Ill.