[Ellen Colton?] to Ruth Fletcher, [circa 1856] November 29

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I was disappointed to hear that Father was gone to the eternal world so soon g glad his trials were I did not expect it so soon but knew he had not long to stay when I left him he was so different in every thing & if I could have been there I would have given a considerable he said that he never should see me again but I had heard it so many times that it did frighten me any I can see a great many things that I done wrong now

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Nov 29thDear Aunt

I have neglected to send my letter so long that I feel ashamed to do so but as I have not time to write another have concluded to do so I do not know but you have heard of our bereavement before but if you have not [presume] you would like to it was a sad blow to be me more so on account of my not being present I gone to work in the Factory again intend to stay 3 or 4 months long enough to get me some clothes and money to go home with whether it will be so that I can come there or not I do not know but should like to I wish you and Uncle An would come here this winter it is eleven O clock and I must go to bed and cold in my room too so good night