Della Oakes to Ruth and Andrew Fletcher, 1889 December 16

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[Johnson] Vt.Dec. 16, 1889.Dear Father & Mother

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I suppose you have had a letter from Mr Culver ere this I am so nearly used up I can hardly write. At last Mr Culver has succeeded in settleing and has gone. I expect to start to morrow morning I dread my I would like to see you before I go but it is impossible It is to bad to be kept here so long on expense I hope you better since we come away & not have so many to trouble you I will be very glad to get a home somewhere very soon I ought to have gone a long time

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ago and saved all this trouble & expense I have not got one friend I will write you when I get to Uncles, and tell all about the whole matter my aunt has not been in to see me since I have been here I came up last Monday noon I shall go tomorrow on the 10 o clock train

Good Bye.R Della Oakes.