Della Oakes to Ruth and Andrew Fletcher, 1889 December 25 and 1890 January 5

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1889 December 25 Pleasant Lake IndDec. 25, 1889.Dear Father & Mother,

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I want to tell you what delightful weather we are having Cousin said the frogs were singing last night It is as nice a day today as you ever saw in May It looks here very much as it does in Franklin Co on the borders of Canada There is more Forest here than I expected to see It is very pleasant here I like the climate very much so far Lem butchered this week I want to wish you a merry Christmass & Happy new Year The children are out doors to

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play without their coats on They have not been sick

1890 January 5 Jan. 5Dear Mother

I have received your letter I am very sorry you & father are so poorly I hope you are better now I am boarding my family now. Uncle is very well now His mind is very clear he is a Baptist one of the deep water kind he likes to talk a great deal Lems wife is quite fleshy & is a very nice woman I like her very much she has been home to visit her mother Uncle is a very nice old man I would like to step in & have a little chat with you today You was very careful about telling me Aunt M had been down

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to see you & you had given a mortgage to her I supposed she talked very affectionately about me She stands by Anna in prefference to me & thinks I am all to blame I never thought she would go back on me it hurts me awefully when I think of it I dont care a fig about Anna The children send love to Grandpa & Grandma & would like to see you There is not any body in Vt that cares anything about me & if you are asked any questions you need not answer I shall write to you & Ella if you will hold your tongue to every body about me they will ask questions to satisfy

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their curiosity not because they care for me not anybody in this world if you will me this I will write to you Ella has promised.

From your daughterDella

Burn this letter & all my letters.

the children are in school & I am very busy you must not think it strange I do not write oftener