Letter to Mary N. Collamer, December 3, 1848

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Washington City Dec. 3 1848Mary,

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I accomplished my journey here in the manner and in the time I contemplated. I reached Boston between 7 & 8 of the day I left home, but did not go out of the house that evening, & started at 7 next morning for N. Y. where I arrived about 8 oclock in the evening. I went to the Pruing House, usually & kept by the Howards. It is certainly a nice house. I found Capt Simmons & Lady there who said they intended to be at Woodstoock to Thanksgiving & therefore are probably there when this reaches you. I called on Mrs Phelps on Thursday, who was not very well but said she would go shopping with me next day, and that was as well for I could as well leave for Philadelphia in the afternoon as in the morning. I looked around some with my friend Mr. Nichol, on Thursday and on Friday morning Mrs Phelps went with me and after visiting & examining, she took

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me to & there selected a cloak. Mr Seaman, with whom I have been well acquainted in Congress, undertook to see it forwarded by express to P. I hope it will safely arrive and be satisfactory. This is the same place where I selected silk drapes last summer. In the afternoon of Friday I went to Philadelphia in company with a large number of members, and on Saturday we came on here with a crowd. I have come to the same house (Mrs. Ubricks) where I last boarded more than a mile from the Capitol & will once more try the walk. Three of the old mess are here & some more are soon to join. I arrived here last night almost nine and am fully well, have been to meeting, not to church, though. I find the church close by, (Rev. Mr. Pink) with his wife &daughter.

I have unpacked my trunk and do not find that I have lost anything, not even my glasses, but one thing I forgot and that is the key to my box here. It was on the ring when we went to St. Albans I took my trunk key off the ring & that is the only key I brought away. I must break open the box.

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All is quiet here & I think the session will be a quiet one & still until the last part of February when the seekers for office under Gen. Taylor shall come on. I have a different room from the one I had last winter or Summer otherwise it would seem as if I had hardly been absent at all.

Tomorrow the House will meet but as the Speaker and other officers of the House are already appointed there will be nothing done but to have a lottery for seats.

So now with my love to you & our children - Good night.

Yours AffectionatelyJ. Collamer