Letter to Mary N. Collamer, February 14, 1849

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Washington City Feb 14. 1849Mary,

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I this morning recd. yours of the 5th inst. and read it with much pleasure. It was a genuine, pleasant family letter and of the true epistolary style; telling me in a familiar and colloquial way all about home and the neighborhood. I cannot but think of the quiet stillness of the house when for hours no one there but yourself. May I be able soon to join you and enjoy or relieve your loneliness. At any rate it will be a relief for a time from the bustle , care & confusion of the House of Representatives.

I recd. a letter from William a few days since and will write Mary again soon as you say you think she regards her present residence as rather dull.

You suggest that perhaps the discourse at the funeral of Mr. Marsh might not have been entirely satisfactory to the near relations. It is very possible they may have expected an unqualified eulogy instead of a funeral sermon. It may be true that the near friends of Mr. Marsh may not know the actual

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estimate which the community around us placed upon him. He was long regarded as a very able lawyer and of great influence with the most intelligent men in the church and the world, but as a man in the private walks of life in his general intercourse he had more of the respect than of the love or attachment of men.

Tell Mr. Johnson that I have recd. his line as to Mary Johnson & tell him too that I wait for information from Mary Johnson as to Miss May and desire that she or he will write me the earliest intelligence on that point.

I was much pleased to learn that Frances was so well this winter as to be able as well as willing to do as you say she does. I look forward with pleasure to the time when I may see all our children whom God has so kindly spared to us all around us again & that before long.

I shall probably stay until after the inauguration which will be on Monday March 5th. As there will be a great crowd it is probable I shall not be able to leave until Wednesday but I will not so early on this attempt at what precise day I shall learn here or reach home. The city is filling up and already all spare rooms are being taken in advance. It is really astounding & almost disgusting to see the hungry avidly and passing importantly for office. I sicken at it and desire home.

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So I see they had a great celebration in opening the Rail Road to Windsor. I intend to return through there. The rail road from Hartford is now finished up to Brattleboro and if a price of 25 miles was made from there to Bellows Falls more than 200 miles would be saved between New York and Woodstock instead of going through Boston, as we now do. I shall ascertain whether the stages connect those points in season.

It is now past nine o clock in the evening and I must now go to work documents.

So with my love to yourself & our children & my respects to inquiring friends.

Good night Your Affectionate HusbandJ. Collamer