Letter to Mary N. Collamer, February 24, 1856

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Washington City Feb. 24. 1856Mary,

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Sunday evening has again returned to me and sitting alone in my chamber my mind is of course with you, & though I have nothing of interest to write you I wish still to speak with you.

My health is much as usual. You know I have occasionally some bad days. Yesterday & last evening & night my stomach and bowels were painful, but I am much better to day & have been to meeting & this evening I feel as well as usual.

The weather moderated here last Thursday & has been tolerably pleasant since. Mrs. Hall gave a party Thursday evening and

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Mr. Foot being unwell I went with Mrs. Foot. It was a pleasant party, more particularly because it was not crowded. Their house accommodates a tolerable sized party very well. I gave your respects to Mrs. Hall, as you wrote. Mrs. Montgomery was there & made inquiries for you.

I have an invitation to dine with the President next Thursday & shall of course attend if well. I have been to none of the receptions of the president or Cabinet this winter except that of the Postmaster general.

I have been compelled to buy me a dress coat & a vest, & I shall have also to get another pair of pants as I have but a single pair.

You was entirely write in relation to my cloak. It is of great service

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to me. The new overcoat I had I find very heavy & warm & in a mild day, though not warm enough to dispose with an overgarment, I find that coat quite too much.

I regret to hear that D. Thayer does not succeed. We need him for the Success of our school. I have had a curiosity to know who would occupy the Henry house & have thought it possible Dr. Thayer might prefer to come into our street. Charles Chapman will now, when Whitney leaves the Hotel, of course go to Poughkeepsing & it is possible he may take the Hewey house.

I am at present much occupied with the disturbing topic of Kansas business, it having been referred to the Committee on Territories of which I am a member. It is

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more unpleasant as I am the only northern man upon that committee.

There is here to me an unexpected subject of annoyance in one of members from Vermont. Much to my astonishment I now find that Mr Meacham is a habitual private tippler and is often such a condition from drink as to occasion general notice and remark in the House. He is unwell & depressed & has now been several days without drink and has had Dr. Lindaby. Mr. Morrill has labored much with him & I believe his wife is sent for and it is possible he may be reclaimed but I fear not. Is it not wonderful our state has had a long list of such members, Mallory, Nole, Buck, Phelps, &c.

But Good Night & love to you & ours.J. Collamer