Letter to Mary N. Collamer, December 26, 1858

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Washington City Dec 26. 1858Mary,

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It is 10 clock Sunday evening & the rain is beating against my window in dark lonesome cadence I have recd. no line from home the past week. Congress has adjourned until the 4th of Jan. & a large part of the members have gone home. It will cost too much of labor & expense for me to go home for so short a visit and especially at this time when our Session is to close so soon.

Yesterday I went with Mr. Foot, by special invitation, to take a Christmas dinner with Col. Roberts at Georgetown.

The Col. besides his family had some few personal friends. Mr. Scott, a Repre-

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sentative from California, Mr Otero, the Delegate from New Mexico & his lady. Col. Roberts & his wife were for some time in New Mexico with army & there knew these people. It was quite a pleasant little party & an excellent dinner.

It is ordered that the Senate, on its assembling, shall go into the new Senate Chamber. It is ordered by the Committee, of which I am on, that there be an address by our Presiding Officer (Breckenridge) on the occasion.

I know little of what is going on at the other end of the city but I think it very quiet. Mr Cass had dinner on Friday of the Foreign Ministers & Committees of the House & Senate on Foreign Relations. At the Presidents dinner of Friday some of our mess Mr & Mrs Maole, were

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invited but declined to go.

I shall take this week to send off the five or six hundred volumes of documents I have now on hand & shall have another like job, late in the session. It is much more work to direct & handle these volumes than to frank speeches. I find the new correspondence list I prepared at home, quite a relief to me.

I have attended meeting the two last Sundays at the Capitol & on both occasions have heard excellent discourses.

I thought of you often on Thursday last as having The Society with you & hoped you were well & enjoyed their company.

P.S. Monday Morning Dec. 27 Recd. with pleasure yours of Friday last.

Love to you all - AffectionatelyYour Husband