Letter to Samuel P. Crafts, January 4, 1824

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Washington Jan. 4th 1824Dear Samuel,

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Since I wrote last week I have received your letter of the 18th ult. which has given me much satisfaction - particularly as it gives so favorable account of your health and that of the family, which I pray may [  ] continue to improve. You mention that you had received but one Washington paper, and had not seen one Message of the president. Altho' that had been the case when you wrote, I presume that you soon after received several papers - as I have continued to forward the Intelligencer, & Washing Republican direct to you, and the National Journal, through James, to you also. Niles' Register is sent to me from Baltimore, after reading it I it to Dr Scott - and you have the right to read it if you wish - it is taken by the Doctor, Colonel an myself, each paying his proportion of the price of the papers and postage. From the three papers which I send you, you will get an account of every thing of importance which is done in Congress. I should have sent you a copy of the documents accompanying the presidents message - but I find every document of any interest to be published in some of the papers which I send. You cannot form any very satisfactory opinion of the prospects of the different candidates for president, from any of the newspapers - as each paper endeavors to set his own favorite candidate in the best possible point of view - and at the same time uses every art to represent the opposing candidates in the most unfavorable light. Therefore it becomes necessary, to avoid wrong impressions, to read the papers which support the different candidates. After all that has been said in favor of Mr Calhoun, Jackson and Clay, and of the high estimation in which they are said to be held in different parts of the United States

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it is considered here by the most informed, that the great contest will be finally between Mr Adams & Mr Crawford; and will be a trial of strength between the North and the South. There would be no hesitation in predicting the final result, if the divisional line were the same that divides the slave holding from the free states. But some of the middle states, particularly Pennsylvania (and perhaps New York) have hitherto been so divided on the question as to offer no indication by which to conjecture [  ] whom she will eventually support. At the present time it is thought Mr Adams takes the lead of any other candidate - which may not be the case a few months hence. There will not probably be any Congressional caucus. The members from several states, and among the rest, from Vermont, have refused to attend one - and the subject is becoming more unpopular every day - Mr Crawfords friends in Congress have been very much engaged in favor of a caucus - but the friends of all the other candidates, constituting a majority in Congress, have opposed the measure, as likely to result unfavorably to some of their own favorite candidates.

The Greek fever prevails about as much at Washington as in other parts of the U.S. and a considerable portion of Congress have not escaped the contagion. Every republican, and every Christian, who is a republican, must sincerely rejoice at the success of the Greeks, and pray for this final success. But it would be an act of perfect [            ] for this government to openly espouse their cause - it would probably bring all the force of the holy alliance upon the poor Greeks, and also upon us, who are already sufficiently obnoxious [                 ], as a nursery of republican principals. This subject will soon be discussed in Congress, and with what results I cannot at present foresee.

I wrote to your Mama & also to Mary, last week - which letters I hope will arrive safe. The week past has been mild, and we have had considerable rain; it is now colder. I hope you have had a thaw - sufficient to raise the streams. I remain well. Pray give my best to your Mama & Mary - and to the rest of the family.

May you all be happy!S C Crafts