Letter from FREDERICK BILLINGS to CAROLINE CRANE MARSH, dated January 1, 1883.

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New York279 Madison Avenue.Jany 1, 1883

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Dear Mrs. Marsh:

I have recd your letter of Dec 7--with the photograph inclosed. It is very fine and I regret that it was somewhat damaged in the transmission. Should you send the library picture and another copy of this it would be well to send them by private hand as you suggest. Seeing the cane in the picture and

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wishing some souvenir of Mr. Marsh for myself I have thought, perhaps, you would let me have it--or an inkstand which he used--or the chair in which he sat in his library Am I too bold?

I think it will be best to have the boxes of books directed to the "University of Vermont Care of Frederick Billings,

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170 Broadway New York City"

We are discussing plans for a fire-proof library Building--

--There is a portrait of Mr. Marsh by Healy which Mrs. Lyndon A Marsh has--I think of asking her to give that to the Library--

The day is mild and

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bright - and the New Year opens pleasantly --

Please accept all the good wishes which belong to this gracious and hallowed time.

Sincerely yours,Frederick Billings

Mrs. Geo. P. Marsh

Villa Forini



References in this letter:

G. P. A. Healy (1813-1894) painted Marsh's portrait in 1844. It is now at Dartmouth College.

Mrs Lyndon A. Marsh was Marsh's sister-in-law.

Frederick Billings, (1823-1890), was a lawyer, statesman and president of the Northern Pacific Railroad. Billings gave George Perkins Marsh's library, a collection of 12,000 items, to the University of Vermont. He also provided funds for a building to house the collection, the Billings Library, now the Billings Student Center.