Letter from F. WILLSON to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated October 26, 1857.

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Montpelier Oct 26 1857

Hon Geo P. Marsh

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Dear Sir

By a joint Resolution, I have been appointed chairman of a Com "To make a thorough examination of the work upon the State House thus far constructed, of the contracts, and expenditures already made, and to inquire what legislative action, if any, is necessary to change the form and style of the plan of the cupola, and dome, and to report hereon." Feeling that it is highly proper that you should be consulted in the matter, I extend to you an earnest request, that you would communicate to the

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Committee, any suggestions on the subject matter before us, which you may deem of importance, and which will aid us in our enquiries.

Any suggestions in relation to any alteration in the form of the Dome, will be very acceptible.

If you purpose visiting Montpelier during the session, it will give us great plesure to have an interview with you. But as we have no authority to send for persons ie we cannot officially invite your attendance before the committee, yet we feel it highly important that we should have the benefit of your councils c

Yours trulyF. Willson