Letter from THOMAS E. POWERS to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated August 15, 1858.

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Vermont Capitol,Superintendent's Office.Montpelier, Agust 16, 1858

Hon. Geo. P. Marsh --

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Dear Sir --

Agreably to your request, Mr. Richards has applied to Mr. Silloway for an explanation of the dome curve, & as he refuses to give him any, I know of no way but to ask for instructions from the commissioners As superintendent of the work, I am required, very properly to follow such plans as may be agreed upon & furnished me by the commissioners This I am anxious to do, & only wait to be informed whether the plan of the cupola & dome which I have in my possession is the one adopted by them & intended for my guidance It will give me pleasure to meet you at Burlington for consultation upon this subject

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at such time as you may designate during the present week It is highly important that the question of this curve should be settled as soon as possible, that we may put the dome in a condition to be covered without unnecessary delay The frame to the cupola is raised, & nearly ready to receive the ribs Mr. Richards will be here in about a week to set them out, & will visit you at your place with such plans as we have, for consultation, if agreable to your wishes Knowing the interest you feel in this matter, I am disposed to use every means in my power to produce exactly what you & the other commissioners desire --

Respectfully YoursT. E Powers Supt

References in this letter:

Joseph R. Richards was the architect who replaced Thomas W. Silloway in early 1858, when Silloway resigned from the position.

Thomas W. Silloway, (1828-1910), was only thirty years old in 1857 when he was chosen architect for the new State House in Montpelier. Silloway was from Massachusetts, and had worked in the office of Ammi B. Young, the architect who designed the previous building. Silloway and Dr. Powers, the superintendent of construction for the 1857 job, had worked together to design and build a new courthouse in Woodstock, Vermont, that burned in 1854.

Dr. Thomas E. Powers, (1808-1876), of Woodstock, Vermont, was appointed by Governor Fletcher to be the Superintendent of Construction of the 1858-1860 project, to build a new State House in Montpelier to rebuild the structure burned in 1857. He and the architect, Thomas W. Silloway, were soon at loggerheads over their roles in the project. Powers became State Senator in 1861.