Letter from THOMAS E. POWERS to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated August 18, 1858.

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Vermont Capitol,Superintendent's OfficeMontpelier, August 18, 1858

Dear Sir --

Yours of yesterday is this moment recd I expect Mr. Richards here on Monday next, & on Tuesday we will endeavor to see you at your house at 2 o'clock P. M., or at the American House if you prefer it --

Respectfully YoursT. E PowersHon. Geo. P. MarshBurlingtonVt.

References in this letter:

Joseph R. Richards was the architect who replaced Thomas W. Silloway in early 1858, when Silloway resigned from the position.

Dr. Thomas E. Powers, (1808-1876), of Woodstock, Vermont, was appointed by Governor Fletcher to be the Superintendent of Construction of the 1858-1860 project, to build a new State House in Montpelier to rebuild the structure burned in 1857. He and the architect, Thomas W. Silloway, were soon at loggerheads over their roles in the project. Powers became State Senator in 1861.