Letter from GEORGE PERKINS MARSH to MARY CHURCHILL BAIRD, dated August 17, 1847.

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Publication InformationBurlington, Tuesday Aug 17.1847

Westport. NY

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Dear Mary

I have delayed writing you in the hope that I might still be able to start on Thursday, but I fear I have now no reason to hope that that will be practical. There would be an advantage in going as far as Montpelier on Friday which would make the journey easier to the ladies, & if agreeable to you, we will make that arrangement. In that case, we reach Woodstock on Saturday evening & Boston on Monday.

I wrote to the proprietors of

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the Tremont House to secure lodgings for Mrs M. & myself, and added that I supposed you and Mr. B would be of our party, but as I was not sure that you would not stop a day at Springfield & so be detained until Tuesday. I did not desire them to reserve rooms, but said I thought you would write, this I advise you to do, as soon as may be, because the crowd at this time of year might otherwise render it difficult for you to get in. With sincere respects to Mr Baird, as well as yourself, in which I am joined by Mrs M. & Miss Crane.

I am, very truly yours,Geo P Marsh

P.S. Mrs Marsh overruled my proposal to go to Montpelier on Friday & says there is no stage on that day, except at 3 o'clock a.m. we will therefore if you please go on Saturday.