Letter from GEORGE PERKINS MARSH to MARY CHURCHILL BAIRD, dated December 30, 1847.

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Publication InformationWashington Dec 30 '47

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My dear Mary

I told your mother, when I met her here, that I would write you , & explain the reasons of our coming direct to Washington, instead of passing through Carlisle, but with people who have as large a correspondence as mine tomorrow never comes, & I generally find, that if I do not write when I ought, I am very apt to neglect writing altogether. We found that we could not reach Washington at the time we desired, and indeed supposed it particularly important for us to arrive, if we came by way of Carlisle, & therefore felt ourselves compelled to postpone our visit to another occasion, and I hope it will not be long before we shall have an opportunity of meeting you, and inspecting your husbands collection of indescribables. Mrs Marsh has suffered very severely from toothache for several weeks & a little exposure yesterday to the bright sun & snow has affected her eyes so painfully that she was quite unable to sleep last night. Lucy is well & as my niece Miss Buell is with us, we have quite a family. We see your father often, and though he finds the Fremont

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trial rather tedious, we cannot but congratulate both him and his family on a detention, which keeps him within reach of his friends -- Mrs Marsh & Miss Crane would, if they knew I was writing (I am at the Capitol) join me in sending love to yourself with your mother & husband

I am, yours very sincerely.Geo P Marsh