Letter from LARKIN GOLDSMITH MEAD to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated January 4, 1858.

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Publication InformationBrattleboro January 4, 1858

Hon. Geo. P. Marsh,

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Dear Sir,

Since I saw you at Montpelier, I have given the subject of the statue a careful examination and I think that, it looks quite gloomy. Mr. P. seems to think that the least expense the better. I suppose the proper way for me to do will be to say that I will make the statue for the sum appropriated, (Gilded) and in the most durable manner
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I have inquired in relation to the cost of gilding and find it will be a considerable expense. I should like to do the statue but think if I took it upon myself for an insufficient sum it would trouble and discourage me more than to have given it up to the ship carvers, and a cheap unstudied work would check rather than advance my reputation as a beginner These little sketches will perhaps show which would have the best effect, an elaborate grouping, or a simple figure. If you think it for my interest to take any further steps in the matter I

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wish you would inform me what you think will be the most proper design, for I should prize your opinion more than any ones else from your thorough experience in all pertaining to Art. I hope you will favor me by writing your judgment and much oblige

Your Ob ServLarkin G. Mead, Jr.

Hon. George P. Marsh