Letter from CHARLES ELIOT NORTON to CAROLINE CRANE MARSH, dated September 2, 1881.

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Publication InformationAshfield, MassachusettsSeptember 2, 1881.

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My dear Mrs. Marsh

I received last night your very kind & satisfactory letter of the seventeenth of August, and tonight I have received the excellent specimen pages of Sig Bencini's copy of the Comment. All you have done and arranged seems to me as good as can be.

I write tonight only to

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thank you, and to let you know that your letter and the specimen are safely in my hands. After consulting Mr. Longfellow, who is greatly interested in the matter, and obtaining his formal approval of Sig Bencini's draught of terms, I will write to you more at length. This, I trust, will be in my power in the course of next week.

Meanwhile, begging you and

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Mr. Marsh to accept my best regards and respects, I remain

Gratefully & sincerely Yours.

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Bencini was the copyist employed to transcribe Benvenuto Rambaldi da Imola's commentary on Dante.