Letter from CHARLES ELIOT NORTON to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated August 23, 1870.

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Publication InformationVilla Spannocchi, Siena.August 23, 1870.

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My dear Mr. Marsh

I was greatly pleased to hear a few days ago from Miss Blagden that Mrs. Marsh's health had much improved during the summer. If this be really the case I beg you to accept our sincere congratulations.

Before I left Florence you gave me some hope that we might have the pleasure of seeing you here in the course of this month or the next. I should have written to you before this time to ask you to fix a time for coming to us, had it not been that for some weeks past my Mother has been confined

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to her chamber by a pretty sharp, though not alarming, attack of illness. She is slowly recovering, & now sits up every day for a short time. --

But I write today in the hope that you may be willing to oblige me by coming to Siena, even at this time, to render us a personal service. I have received today a conveyance deed, of a somewhat important piece of property, which must be signed by my Mother, before a competent American official, and must be returned to America as speedily as possible. -- Were she in her usual health she would go at once to Florence to sign the deed in your presence there, but

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as this is impossible I am compelled to ask the favor of a visit to us from you. I trust that you would be willing to spend at least two or three days with us,--but if this be impracticable for you, you could by taking the early train from Florence (6.20 A.M) reach here in time for a stay of some hours, & return by a train that reaches Florence at nine in the evening. But I should be sorry to have you thus hurried,--and I hope, as I have said, that you can stay longer. We should all be very glad of as long a visit as you can make us.

With our kindest regards to Mrs. Marsh, I am

Faithfully YoursC. E. Norton.



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I ought to express more strongly than I have done my regret at being compelled to ask a favour which may cost you so much inconvenience & trouble in my behalf. If you will have the kindness to telegraph to me in advance of your coming I will meet you at the R.R. station.