Letter from GEORGE PERKINS MARSH to CHARLES ELIOT NORTON, dated March 26, 1861.

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Publication InformationNew York March 26 1861

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My dear sir

A letter just received from Mrs Marsh informs me that you would have accepted the Secretaryship of the mission to Italy.

I assure you that nothing could have given me greater pleasure than to have offered you the post, if it had been mine to confer, but the President took the matter into his own hands, and my own secretary, like those of Mr Adams & Mr Dayton, was appointed without any conference with me on the subject.

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Allow me to say to you, confidentially, that the health of Mr Fry renders it probable that he will occupy the place but a short time, and in case of a vacancy, I shall be extremely happy to do anything in my power to secure the appointment for you, if it should still be desirable to you.

I am, dear Sir,very truly yoursGeorge P. MarshC E Norton Esq

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Charles Francis Adams (1807-1886) was American minister to Great Britain 1861-68.

William Fry, appointed by President Buchanan to be Secretary of Legation in Turin, resigned the post before ever filling it.