Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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Chesapeake HospitalNear Ft Monroe VaJune 30th 1863Dear Maria

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I am still here but am gaining strength slowly and will no doubt soon be able to join the regiment, but somehow in this country one does not get over a little sickness as soon as in a northern climate I am well every way now except being weak, and strength is coming I shall go down to the Fort to day or tomorrow and see about a horse and if I can get one I shall bring him to this place and have him to ride for exercise. I am anxious to get back to the regiment. I hear they are near Richmond and I should be sorry to not be with them if

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they were going to have a fight there. The news from Penn. is that Harrisburgh is taken by the Rebs. This is not very encourag- ing news. Also that Gen Hooker is removed and that Gen Meade is put in command of the Potomac Army I hope the change is for the best and that we will see Gen. Lee come down a peg or two. I would be happy to know just where that grand army is at present but the movement of troops is kept very secret now days. Our folks are sending quite a force up the pensula now. about 13 Thousand passed here on their way up yesterday from Newbern N. C. I presume you have heard of the capture of Fitz Hugh Lee he is now over at the Fort. I have had two letters from you since I came here and hope to get

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one to day hearing you have recd those orders and the trunk all right. I guess I shall want you to send pay to Brattleboro for my coat as it is very uncertain about my getting any pay here at present. I would be pleased to be at home when Coz Silas and wife makes you a visit this summer but it is impossible to get a leave of absence without it is to save life at present I am enjoying myself quite well here There are some 20 officers here and we are getting pretty well acquainted, so pass some pleasant hours. I cant find much to write about so you will have to put up with short letters. Love to all and kiss the babies

Your Aff Husband V. G. Barney