Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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Camp 9th Vt Vols West Point Va July 8th 63 Dear Maria

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You will see by the date of my letter that I am again with the regiment I came up yesterday and found every thing very pleasant we are about one mile from the village (if it can be called one) and encamped on a very pleasant spot which is surrounded by woods. The mosquitoes are very thick and dont let a fellow sleep any too soundly. All the officers seemed to be very much pleased to see me back and seem to be glad of my promotion

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I shall endeavour to do my duty and never give them reason to regret that I am a field officer I have got a great deal of writing to do making out my quarterly returns &c and will be kept very busy for a few days. after that if nothing happens I intend to take life easy. I have not yet got me a horse but think I can get one here soon. I got one mos pay at the Fort and have sent to Phil. for a saddle I also sent $30 to Brattleboro for my coat. I shall draw a cavalry sabre here which will be very cheap and just as good as any I have not seen my commission yet but

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learn that it is dated back to the 24th of May. I am feeling well and presume if I am carefull of myself I will continue so. This morning I went down to the Pamunkey and had a good swim. Our reg. and the 19th Wis are the only two here and we are most likely to remain here as long as the army are up the Peninsula we are doing picket duty between the Mattipony and Pamunky Rivers and guarding stores, so we are bound not to fight yet a while. I will have to cut this short as the mail is ready to leave

Love to all
Affly Yours V.G. Barney