Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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Hd Qrs 9th Vt Yorktown Va July 10th 63 Dear Maria

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The day after I wrote you at West Point we came down here in Transports and are now occupying the Fort which is quite an extensive concern and mounts from 80 to 100 guns It is the one built by the Rebs last year, it encloses the village of Yorktown but the place dont look much as I expected to see it for there is not half as much of it as of Swanton. It seems the whole force has or is marching down the Peninsula and the taking of Richmond given up

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We are occupying barracks and my qrs is a log house which is as cozy as you could wish, and if it were not for the row our Gen. (Wistar) and Gen King are in I should think we would remain here for some time and do garrison duty but we were ordered into these barracks which were occupied by the 179th Penn (drafted) Regt. The Regt. was not here at the time but their baggage and sick and a few of their officers were in the buildings We were ordered to clear them out and so we did and by the appearance we are going to have a warm time out of it but I think our Gen. knows

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what he is about and we will remain here. I believe I did not tell you that Sherman was Capt (so it is) Jewett is 1st Lieut & Sergt Cleve- land 2nd Lieut. Halbert is again, Orderly again. The Captaincy is different from what I expected but I hope it is for the best. I have bought me a horse and a splendid one too he is the best in the Regt and cost me $225- This is a high price but horses are very high here and all think I made a good trade, I expect my saddle in a few days from Phila which will probably cost $50 or $60 I have got me a sabre cost $7.50 but it is worth $15-

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It costs high to get rigged out but when it is once done that will be the end of it - The news from every where is good and we are rejoicing over it the general impression is that the war is about finished up Excuse the scrawl for it is impossible to write very accurate under the present state of affairs I am feeling quite well and gain in strength

Love to all
Affly Yours V.G. Barney