Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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Yorktown Va July 14th 1863Dear Maria

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Five days have passed since I last write you and since that time I have recd two from you but the last was written first, the first being but two days on the road. When I last wrote you we were in quite a mess here but our Gen. it appears knew what he was about and is now in command of post and his Brigade are to do garrison duty here so we no doubt will remain here for a while. As I am situated now my duties are light and my quarters

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are very comfortable. The regiment we crowded out left us a great supply of chairs, bed stands, Tables &c and we are enjoying the benefit of them. Our mess is composed of field and staff officers and we live like kings but it costs $5.00 per week each to get along and I presume my savings will be less than heretofore I still keep Sartwell for my servant he has just gone out for Blackberries and will find them in abundance as they are very plenty. Day before yesterday I was Brig Officer of the day and was very busy all day it being the first day Gen Wistar took command my duties were quite laborious

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I am in good health now and am gaining in flesh we have a splendid place to bathe and we all enjoy it much; the salt water is very invigorating. I sent a little book to Fred the other day, one I picked up here. how does he and Carrie get along. I got a letter from Cousin Matt last eve Think she is good, she wishes she was as good as Maria. would you like to have me send you N.York papers often? or do you get all the news sooner. We hope to hear of Lees destruction to day. Love to all

Your Affectionate V.G. Barney
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I send a percussion tube such as they use to fire all heavy guns with They are placed in the fuse hole and a cord attached to the wire by pulling the cord they go off so you must not pull very hard on the wire.