Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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Yorktown Va July 27th 63 Dear Maria

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I got a letter from you last eve in which you complain a little of not hearing from me often Well the thing of it is my duties are very irregular and it is impossible for me to write as regular as you. I sent you a Yorktown paper in which is an account of our expedition We left here at 1 oc A.M. July 25th. The purpose of the move was to get horses capture guerillas, search all houses for fire arms, &c. With my 4 Cos I captured 6 horses, 7 short guns, 2 Revolvers,, 2 horse

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pistols, 1 Derringer &c. It was impossible for us to land our horses so we were obliged to press horses for our use. It was pretty hard to see the women cry and take on when we took their horses but I told them I would rather see them shed a few tears than be obliged to walk. Some of my men gave out on the way and I fastened on to a carriage and used it as an ambulance and with all got along very nicely. I pressed some negroes as guides and found them of much service to me. Col Ripley captured a large rebel mail but as yet I dont know as to the importance of it

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One of the horses I got I am going to keep and have him appraised but I expect he will cost me nothing- Our jaunt was a hard one but the boys stood it well and we all felt better for the trip- Yesterday I went out on a ride to a large peach orchard abt 2 miles and such an orchard was worth seeing it covers about 10 acres and it is estimated there are 6,000 [] peaches now on the trees. I ate abt 20 and brought abt a bushel to camp. if it is possible I will send some home. I am now in command of the regiment as Col Ripley is on Court Martial and have much more to do than heretofore

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but as yet we have had no battalion drills here To day we furnish 150 men for guard duty and the men have to work pretty hard. I heard from Elisha a day or two since also from Silas. he is very hard on Lincoln. he thinks some of going to Swanton this summer he sent me a photo of his wife I would like much to be there when he is but no knowing when I shall see you but I hope the time is not far distant when I can go home to remain I am very well and presume I will continue so for this is a healthy locality. With much love to you and the Children I remain your affectionate and devoted

V.G. Barney

You may send me 3 or 4 linnen Hd Kfs white