Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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Hd. Qrs 9th Vermont Vols. Ft Yorktown, Va. August 23d 1863Dear Maria

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The two last letters I wrote you I was in a great hurry and now although not hard pressed, there is every few moments something coming up for my attendance I got a letter from you last eve also one from Lester and he has decided to come when Maj Jarvis does but I presume it will be some time yet before that as every Vt Regt in the Army of the Potomac has got to be filled before our turn will come and there will have to be another draft I think to fill them all up say nothing about ours. I shall be pleased to see him and can find plenty for him to do here. You appear to think I am all fuss and feathers here If you could see me in my plane attire you would be much aston- ished I presume and as to riding on my noble steed, I have not been on his back for nearly a week and the greatest reason is that the weather is so very warm that I keep as still as possible and move about only when occasion requires. "Frank" is a dark bay nag and when my dark brown darkey is on him they both present a grand appearance I shall take them both home with me and hope you will be benefited by their presence. I am going to have their photograph taken

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together and send you a copy so you can see what for a taste your Hussy has got. Doct Carpenter & Lt. Viele are at present in my cottage and their conversation dont help me any to think of what I want to write. I will send you a Richmond Paper it is not very late but perhaps will be interesting to you. The Provost Marshal was kind enough to give it to me and says he will give me more as he gets them quite often. You no doubt will see Lt. Jewett before you get this I hope his trip will cure him he left here in such a hurry that I had no chance to think what I wanted to send home by him and I dont know as there is any thing I can about sending but my sword (old) We have a negro Village just outside the Ft named "Jewettville" after Lt. Jewett on account of his overseeing the building of it and I presume it will be called by that name for years to come. I would like much to be at Swanton this fall but I dont see any chance at present for me to get away It seems you are enjoying life pretty well now days fishing riding &c I am glad if you can through friends pass pleasantly your time I hope your health will improve from your exercise and when I again see you be a rugged healthy woman Tell Carrie and Fred I have a little white dog that is as pretty as he can be and if I can get him home I will, for them Kiss them both the darlings. Love to Mary

Affly Your Husband V G Barney