Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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Hd Qrs 9th Vt Vols Yorktown VaAug 31st 1863Dear Maria

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It is nearly a week since I last wrote you but when you know I have been quite unwell you will excuse me I have no doubt. Last Thursday I went out to Lees Mills with Dr. Carpenter and a few other officers and got very tired on returning I eat quite hearty of [] lobsters and the consequence was I have been keeled up ever since with a bad stomach I am now however coming out all right and my appetite is coming to me by degrees I shall be more careful in future what I eat and when I eat it. I was quite sick one day, took calomil, quinine &c and kept mustard paste on my bowels all day- I have had two letters from you since I wrote and one you wrote last June which has just arrived To day we muster for pay and I hope to get paid soon I am considerably in debt here in the regiment on horse &c but now have 3 mos pay due me so I will get enough to pay that and some more say 200 more. I have just bought me a military dictionary which is a very fine thing cost $5.00 also a copy of Heavy Artilery Tactics I heard from Elisha a day or two since he was enjoying it in N. York he had

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written to Martha to go there- You seem very anxious to have me come home. I assure you I would be as much pleased to go as you would to have me but you dont begin to know the difficulty in the way of getting leave of absences from this Dept. I intend to make a desperate trial next winter or fall but presume till then there is no use thinking of going home I will write you a long letter in a few days but now will close this news is scarce hope you will continue well also the children Kiss them often for me and remember me as your aff Husband

V.G. Barney

I send you a few muskmellon seeds which came out of the best melon I ever saw. Keep and plant them next spring