Roswell Farnham to Mary [Farnham]

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Camp Phelps, Brattleboro, Vt.August 12th, 1861Dear Mary:

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We are still here in camp and when we shall get home nobody knows. The paymaster is not here, but is to be here tomorrow, so they say. You must be as patient as you can, for we shall undoubtedly be at home this week - we hope by Thursday. Capt. Blodgett will tell you more than I can write as he will carry this up.

The reg't is getting into a better state of discipline than we were in a few days ago.

My health is very good. Camp life agrees with me and I am tougher than I have been before for some years. When I get home I hope my health will remain as good. I shall try and take more out door exercise than I have been in the habit of taking.

You wrote that you had sent Laura some money. You can send her what she needs and if you want any I will send it you from here. Where is Laura now and when is she coming home? Mr. Slocome from Haverhill, Mass. was here

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yesterday. He came up to take home a girl who has been crazy. He says the Wingate girls are rather feeble. You remember he married Abby Pecker.

I suppose every body is very impatient to see us at home. They cannot be more so than we are. We are beginning to feel that we are so long on the way home that we dont care whether we get home or not. I content myself with the thought that I am getting full as good pay as I should at home. Though of course you will say nothing of such a thing. Now our time is so near out we begin to count up our pay.

One of the St. Albans boys died last night & he is to be taken home on the cars today. That makes the sixth man of the reg't who has died. One of the Woodstock Co. who was sick at Ft. Monroe, fell out of a window & struck on his head. He remained senseless all the time we were at Newport News but has since died. There are quite a number sick here but none dangerous I believe.

I went to church yesterday afternoon for the first time in three months.

I must close as the Capt. is going to leave.

Yours affectionatelyRos -