Roswell Farnham to Mary [Farnham]

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Camp Phelps
Brattleboro, Vermont.Aug. 14th, 1861Dear Mary:

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I am sorry that you think I have written cold letters. If you can realize the circumstances under which I have written you would wonder that I have written at all. Now I am writing with my overcoat on, and three sitting here in the tent. It has rained for the last 24 hours, but we have remained on the ground, altho' most of the officers have lodged at the village. Yesterday in company with several of the officers I dined at Dr. Cummings the editor of the "Phoenix". We had a very pleasant time.

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Day before yesterday I dined with Maj. Worthen at the Revere House. Every other meal I have eaten in camp. It is pretty cold here now and we all have our overcoats on. It is quite doubtful about our getting home tomorrow, tho' it is barely possible, as they are beginning to sign the pay rolls.

The boys are of course very impatient still they stand it much better than I should suppose they would.

You must keep up the best courage for a day or two. I know you must have a hard time & I pity you from the bottom of my heart. I know I ought to have been with you all the time, but you know that I could not do otherwise than I did. When I get home I hope you

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will be happier than you have been for the last three months. You have got along so bravely since I have been gone that I hope you will have no trouble till you are sick. If you should get along well it would be worth all the trouble.

We shall get home as soon as possible. As soon as we know precisely we shall telegraph to Chas. Stevens & Zeke can enquire.

Take good care of yourself & live in hope.

Yours affectionatelyRos.