Roswell Farnham to [Mary Farnham]

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Camp Vermont12th. Vt. Regt. near - Alexandria VaNov. 6th. 1862My Dear Wife:-

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I have received two letters from you since writing. I have been so busy that I have had not time to write much.

Since we came here I have not been very well & have not felt very energetic. I have done only what I felt to be absolutely necessary. I have been bilious - took some of Ayer's pills & got well. Today I am as well as ever & what is better I have got a boot on my lame foot. I have been with an old shoe until today.

Yesterday we had a review which I attended. My horse felt nicely.

We went down to a meadow on

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the banks of the Potomac.

We had orders yesterday to make huts which looked a little like going into winter quarters & we began to think we had got to stop here but an order tonight in regard to cutting down our baggage looks like moving again. What it means I cannot tell.

You will continue to direct your letters as usual. Always put on the name of the Regt. Laura's letter went round considerable before I got it. Tell her that I will write to her soon.

I have written to Brattleboro in regard to those pictures & when you get them I wish you would send four of them out here to me - one at a time in letters - four of mine. You will give Laura one of each kind.

I have not yet rec'd the

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second collar. When did you send it? When you come out I shall want you to bring a good box of preserves &c. if you have them. - they will be good here I think. We had Genl. Casey at dinner yesterday & he said he had not eaten so good a dinner for a long time.

You enquire about my position - As long as Col. Blunt is in command of the brigade I am in command of the Regt. & should he be permanently promoted I stand a good chance of being made Col. I should feel pleased to be on many accounts but have no anxiety about the matter. Whatever happens I think I have given good satisfaction so far.

The Bradford boys are well & the officers of that company do their duty thoroughly.

Ormsby has done no more than I supposed he would in relation

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to Cy's business, but there was no understanding between us about the matter. He can be as mean as he chooses. Ben Bascom is to take one of those colts to winter & Walter Carter the other. If Bascom will not take that one Mr. Ezra Tucker will or perhaps Mr. Carter. My. Carpenter called to see me today & told me that he had arranged with Bascom.

You must get along & not work too hard. Give my love to Laura & Ruth & Ben. Tell Ben if he had been out here last week that I could have got him the chance of sutler for our Regt.

It is possible that I can get him the chance by & by now, if he wants it. Say nothing to anybody but him about it. Excuse my short letter for it i now 11 o'clk. & cold as Greenland.

From Your affectionate husbandRoswell Farnham