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Camp VermontNov. 20th. 1862My Dear Wife:

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I have just rec'd your letter written Sunday. I should have rec'd it last night but I was over to the city. I suppose before this you have rec'd my letter in regard to your coming on here & before this reaches Bradford you will have started if you decide to start. Col. Blunt expects his wife, but whether she will come or not I do not know - If you start I think I shall be ready for you by the time you get here if it does not rain all the time as it does now. Col. Blunt's house is very comfortable indeed. He has a nice fireplace & it looks very homelike. But I shall have a better one. I think I can improve upon his. We can be as comfortable as at home. I don't think we shall move from here, still we may - The 15th & 16th. Regts are under Marching orders. Where they are to go I do not know. If this rain lasts 24 hours, we cannot move.

So whether you come or not it will be all right. If you do not start this time, you had

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better get ready to start at a day's notice. If at any time you should get into the city without my knowing where you are, just go to Willard's hotel & drop me a line directed as usual & I will find you as soon as possible. But unless you come with Mrs. Blunt this time I will write you full directions how to come & where to meet me. I shall probably meet you in Washington. If Mrs. B. starts Monday the Col. talks some of going to N. Y. to meet her.

You need have no fears about Burnside. He is as safe as McClellan & much more enterprising He will not rush headlong into danger - I prefer him to Mc - not our Mac -

Give my best regards to Col. Andross & Lieut. Stearns. Ask Stearns if he knows where Cy- is. If he does ask where to direct a letter to reach him.

I had a long letter from Zeke tonight - & would send it to you if I was sure you would be there. He is very well indeed.

I cannot do anything for Ben at present. If he had been here a while ago I might possibly have done something, but we have a new sutler now.

You had better get another bottle of Weeks Magic Compound to bring out with you.

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You need not bring any paper more than you need yourself. I have considerable on hand & Gvt furnishes some.

It was Carrie Warner's husband who died, of whom you speak. I had heard of it before in some way.

I saw Damon in Washington yesterday - He expected his wife but she did not come - He got a letter only, & she wrote that her friends said she better not come now &c. He was very much disappointed.

You had better not send any Photographs but bring them.

I did not give Judge Underwood all the Magazines that he paid for - I have forgotten now how many - I think two -

If Ben should come out as sutler he would need about $1000.00 ready money - But he could double it once a month or nearly.-

Write often -
Your affectionate husbandRoswell Farnham

P.S. Bring that little square looking glass that I had last summer unless Laura wants it. Bring your rubber boots & a pair of rubbers.