Roswell Farnham to Laura

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EXECXUTIVE CHAMBER,Montpelier,Dec. 2. 1862Lieut. Col. Roswell Farnham,
My dear Sir:-

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I have your letter of the 28th ult., respecting the mode of filling vacancies occurring in the Vt. nine months' Regts.. Vacancies thus far, as they have occurred in Col. Proctor's Regt., have been filled on the recommendations of the Colonel, - the same as is practised in our three years' Regts.. I suppose this is the proper way, as it is in accordance with the laws of the United States, under which the Regts. naturally come, after being mustered into the U. S. service. But if you should find on consulting the National authorities that elections may be had in camp, agreeably to those under which the Regt. was originally officered, I have no personal objection whatever to having vacancies filled in that way.

I am, Very sincerely, Your friend,Fredk. Holbrook