Roswell Farnham to [Mary Farnham]

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Camp PhelpsBrattleboro, Vt.Aug. 15th. 1861.My Dear Wife:

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I did not get a letter from you last night as I hoped. I feel anxious to hear from you every day, and if you get this today I want you to write tomorrow as we shall not probably start before Saturday if we do then. The mustering-out officer is at Fort Trumbull, New London, Conn. or was yesterday and of course cannot get here before tonight, if he does then. If he should come tonight we can get mustered out tomorrow ready to start for home Sat. morning. They have commenced paying off the state dues and will finish that today. The rolls are all signed and the officer when he gets here will

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have little to do besides pay the men & that will take but five or six hours. Tho. I should say that the paymaster is here, and the money, about $58,000. in gold came by express last night. If the mustering out officer should not get here till tomorrow, we cannot get home before Monday. I have stayed in camp every night so far and intend to remain here all the time if my health continues as good as it now is. I am tough as can be. My appetite is good. I sleep well and enjoy myself as well as could be expected. There is a great chance for the exercise of patience on the part of us both. I hope your strength will continue to hold out as it has so far. Keep up the best of courage, I shall soon be home & then you will have no such anxiety as you have had. How glad I shall be when the next four weeks are

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passed, if everything is favorable as I have no doubt it will be. You never was so strong, and never went so long before and I hope for the best. You must not go up and down stairs too much. Be careful every way. We shall march up by the house and you will then have a chance to see our rusty company. I wish you could be down in town, but upon the whole I think you had better not go out.

It seems very foolish to make so much fuss over us, we have done so little. We have been out there months and have come back safe, and of course our friends are glad, but have not gained much glory. You of course see the papers and know that Col. Phelps is now Gen. Phelps. He is by far the best man they could find.

Give my love to Hattie, Zeke & all our friends.

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Just as soon as we know when we are to leave here, we shall telegraph home. I shall write you every day that we remain here. Zeke will hear down in town whether there is any dispatch or not and can tell you when we are expected.

Keep up good courage.

Your affectionate husbandRoswell Farnham.