Justus F. Gale to Mother

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Ship IslandApr 6th 1862My own Dear Mother.

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I wil try and see if I can find a few words to talk with you about. I have already wrote about all that I have seen here yet. and as the mail is not going out so soon as I expected when I finished Fathers and Lyman letter I wil try and write a little more thinking that you wil be glad to buisy your self to read it although it comes from as bad a boy as I am. it is now almost sun down and another Sabbath day is almost gon but it seems but little like the Sabbath days in Elmore where we can go to church and sit down and hear our Minester preach but I hope that when we get our tents pitched and settled down that it wil be better for us. I have read my Testament and book of Psalms through and got over into St. Mark again.

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also have read an other book of three hundred pages: I would not do with out this blessed good litt le book for any thing else that could be presented to me. I had rather trust in the promises contained in it than all the troops that there is in our army. It is a great consolation to me as I lay my self into my bunk and try to lift my heart in prayer to our heavenly father I not only feel that he hears my prayrs but while he hears mine there also is the prayers of many Christian friends at home are going up for the protection of the soldiers and for their spiritual and eternal good. my Mother I suppose you think of that I am a great ways from you truly it is so but that same all powerful arm that protect- ed me at home is just as able to protect me here. but we are not sure of life let us be where we wil Stephen Albee got a letter to day from Elias: he said that Lyman offered him sixteen dollars a month to go and work for you at home for two months but did not whether he should go or not. I hope he wil.

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Apr 8th 1862Kind friends at home

I found my self this morning when I awoke on the land: or sand. we came ashore yesterday about 2 oclock P.M. we wore bissy the rest of the day in puting up our tents and getting ready for night. the Islang on this end is mostly sand with some little places of wire grass. on the east end of the Island there is some timber. most part of it the land is low not but a few feet higher than the sea around it. I helped dig a spring last night. we can get pleanty of fresh water by digging five or six feet in the sand. last eavening Wesley Stephen and I went out among the troops to see what we could see we haphend to run into the Mass. 30th they gave us some grid dle cakes some soft bread and some rice and teas which made us a nice treat. they say they get soft bread or flour every day.

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they draw the flour and fry griddle cakes and nyt cakes. they are expecting to go up and take New Orleans before long. I expect that we shal stop here to dril and guard the Islan for the presant and I think the war wil bee over before we shal get fit for fighting. Wesley Stephen and I are all in one tent together with a lot more of good boys. there are about eighteen in a tent. the seventh Reg is part of it here landed the same time we did they are expecting the rest every day. I want you to tel Lyman that I should like an answer from some the letters I have sent him for I believe I havent received but one from him yet. I want you should all write me a letter a peice and I dont care if more. tel Samanth and Almeda to be sure and write and I am sure Charley wil answer his. my love to you all and may the blessing of be with all.

direct to the 8th Vt Reg Co. A Ship Island

Justus F. Gale