Justus F. Gale to Sister

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New Orleans La.Feb. 21st 1963Dear Sister,

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Although nearly one year has passed away since we last met yet we are spared and are permited to corrispond with each other thro- ugh the accomodation of the U. S. mail. I am glad of this privelage but it would be much pleasanter to see you and then we could talk freely as we pleased;

I recd your verry welcome letter of the 18th the 11th of Feb. & was verry much pleased to hear from you & also from Brother Chase & family; I recd a letter from Father of the 27th and one from Brother Cooper of the 26th the 18th of Feb. and was glad that there were yet some that had not forgot the old boy ju[s]t yet.

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Father wrote that he was about to leave his good old home for another in East Montpelier; he said he had married a lady there about 45 years old - and she had one son 14 and a daughter 10; that she had 10 acres of land a house barn and shed this is all he wrote about her did not even tel her name; I hope he will enjoy the rest of his days in this world in peace - and the world to come - ever lasting blessedn ess. Yesterday I went out into the City - run about some got a good dinner of ham & eggs, warm buiscu- it (or rather ham & eggs-) sweet potat- oes & irish potatoes dough nuts chease butter apple sauce and a good cup of tea - paid 40 cts. besides this I saw a pretty girl - ha- ha-.

this family where I took dinner were formily from Mass. they owned a good plantation a few miles above

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where we had our little fight with the rebs. but had to run and leave it to get away from the sons of bitches about there; they appeared like nice people;

I saw James Homes yesterday. I have nt seen him before for a long time; he is well & a about as porky as I am; we had a good chat while I was there. It has been some time since we have been paid off - there will be 4 months pay due us the first of mar ch; I havent had much chance to speculate lately; all I get to trade on now is watches; I have had three diferent ones since I came here. I have got one now just like the one you have got that I let Charlie have only the cases are flowered diferent; all it stands me at is $7.50 cts. I have got a little money left yet - enough to get tite on once or twice yet; the government is

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owing me over $16 for clothing that I havent drawn up to the 1st of Jan. I dont know whether they will pay me that the next pay day or let it go on another year.

my hand is gaining a little but it is pretty slow; it runs some and keeps just sore enough to keep me from doing duty.

It has got to be a most spring – and not a flake of snow have I seen since the 11 or 12th of last march; it is warm and pleasant - it looks some like the 1st of May; (only not half as good) I saw some potatoe vines yesterday much as 4 inches high that grey this season – woul- dent you like to live in the Sunny South among the Colord poplation say nothing about the nigers.

I dont think of any thing more to write to day. I wait til to morrow and see if I cant think up some more