Justus F. Gale to Sister

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Marine Hospital New OrleansMarch 15th 1863Dear Sister;

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I take my pen this eaven ing to write a few lines to you; although it is past 9 O’clock yet I kinder feel an inclinat- ion to write a few lines to let you know what I am doing and how it goes with me now days; I am well and harty and helping take care of the sick here in the hospital. I got tired of waiting here to get my pay so as to go to the regt. so I thought I would go to doing something here to pass away the time. One of the N. York boys and I have charge of fifty patients in one ward and take care of them only what

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one colored boy does - such as taking care of the chambers - scrub ing and the like. We have to bring grub up for 35 of them; that is quite a job to bring that up one long flight of stairs. we have only been in this work three days so we havent hardly got straitened around yet. I dont know how long it will be before we shall get payed off but I hope it will be before long - for I want to get back to the company with the rest of the boys.

I havent recd any letter from any of you since the 14th of Feb. I expect there are some on the way and hope they will get here before they stop. I have wrote several letters to Elmore lately but havent recd any answer from them yet. There is one thing right smart sure

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that no person in Vermont will be verry likely to get more than one letter from me unless they answer the first one - just as long as my name is Jut Gale little-Pig-a big-Pig er-rooter hoger dye. We are having a nice little shower this eavening; I presume you are having a cold hard blow - or a Vt thaw, 2 feet of snow.

One year ago to night I was sailing on the briny deep - tossed up and down so that I hardly knew where my supper lay - fact I guess I dident have much any how; what another year will bring about time will only tell - but I hope it will come along with old Jeff Davis scalp in its hand if nuthing better than that - that would be worth one good day of thanksgiving! I guess you will think I am writing a queer letter this time - but it is all quiet

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here and I can write to sis just what comes into my mind and it isent any bodys buisness no more than it would be what we said if we were talking together at home; you will see by what I write this eave that I am thinking about several things this while writing these few lines. I am feel- ing first rate - every thing goes nicely with me - but then I cant help feeling a little perplexed some times when I get to thinking about this war and how it has been managed ever since it first started! I wish I had about 12 of the leading men on booth sides set up to night for a target - I would like to shoot all of them on the rebels side- and about half of them on our side then see who would be the bigest man in the heap.

Sis - good night, Justus