William C. Holbrook to Mother

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Baton Rouge La.August 14th 1862Dear Mother

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I wrote Father a few days ago. chiefly on business. & one giving an account of the battle.

Since the fight we have been busy getting ready to meet them again should they come. they suffered severely in the attack & I dont think will be in haste to repeat it.

Our regt. lost three or four killed & about a dozen wounded among the killed was my boy Jack. he was some - what in advance of ourlines he was a very usefullboy & I was very sorry to lose him. The officers have made

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up a purse & Col Robert's body will be embalmed & sent to his friends in Vt. it was a severe blow to the regt. to lose him he was a good officer & an excellent man. Col. Faillam is now in command. he is very unpopular with the regt & I hear the officer are going to ask him to resign. there is a unanimous wish that I be appointed Col. should he resign.

I should much prefer to go in a regt. whos destination is Virginia. there is one thing however. should I be made Col. of this regt. it would cause less talk among the plebiaus of Vt. I have no great desire to take a regt here as it cuts me off from resigning that isa making

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my cause promotion. still if nothing better can be done I may consider to accept such an alternation. This summers campaign has been very severe & our privations & sufferings have been great. I have [    ] up under it as well as the best of them. I should like to see a good West Point officer at the head of this regt. but all the officers are anxious that I should command them.

I should not wonder if another demonstration was made on this place before long I think we shall give a better account of ourselves than before. It is rumored that Gen. Phelps has been recalled

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I wish he would let the nigger question alone as he would make a caluable officer if he would.

Gen. Butler has paid the troop at this place quite a handsome compliment for our conduct in the fight & we are to have Baton Rouge inscribed on our colors. The Bratt. papers I received & also your letter. I wish you would send more of the papers. although dry it is pleasant to know what is going on in Vt.

The health of the regt. is improving fast. I send to Father a "Sesesh" flag that I took by at Fort Pike

With much love to all and at home & also to Betsey whenever you see her as you

Your Aff SonW C Holbrook