William C. Holbrook to Frank

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New OrleansRome EspelanadeNov. 21st 1862.Dear Frank

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I should have written you long before this but for the the past few weeks I have been on a Court of Inquiry called in our case by Gen. Butler I send you a copy of Gen. Orders No 98 with Gen. B - remark on the the findings of the Court. that was not all the findings but it was more than I supposed Gen. B - would admit in Vt. that will be considered

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as a virtual admissssions or retracting Gen. Order 62. I dont see now why the thing should not be hushed up I have heard enough about the 7th Vt. it will always be a disagreeable stigma to the regiment.

In regard to that venerable old soldier of Capt. Duttons company. I learn that his word is not to be relied upon, in fact it will not do to place to much reliance upon what the discharged soldiers of the 7th Vt. say that is the majority of them. if am old ticket presents himself

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and one that find a good deal of fault depend upon it he is nothing but a worthless shiftless good for nothing old pelter, a regular old salt, such men have been a disgrace to the regt and state they never have done anything here but hang round the Surgeon and hospital and many of them have died from sheer laziness. I do not doubt but what many of those men on Cumbia may have been ill treated. it was a contract made believe them and the agents of the boat. it is certainly a shame that our soldiers

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should be subject to such treatment but no government was not to blame in this affair

My regiment is at Pensacola I expect to go over there in a few days I am at present on a Court that is sitting here consequently I could not leave with the Regt. I occupy a house 7 Rome Esplanade, it is a splendid mansion with the most elegant furniture, it belongs to a rich sesesh we use the parlor for all occasions I have expected to live in such magnificance.

We relieved Billy Wilsons regt. & I understand he was living in a splendid house at Pensacola Sech Mallorys of "Camped" Navy. in that case

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I shall have comfortable quarters at P - I think it is about time that we had comfortable quarters for a whilea short time at least we have lived in bush houses long enough. I have been sick for the past ten days with remittant fever and I am feeling much better now however and expect to be out again in a few days. I received the pistol and other things the pistol throws exceedingly well. I believe I have rec. all your letter I rec. a pack, though Lt Wells. I also rec. Anna's letter

Aff YoursW. C. Holbrook


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P. S. I forgot to mention that Messrs Bratt & ect. Agts. for Steamer Cumbia in a card in the New Orleans Delta refuting the charge brought against them in the N. Y. Times say, "am obsecure individual names Holbrook connected with the N. Y. Times drew up the letter to which the soldiers signed their name they talk loud down here