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Dist of Hess FloridaHd Qrs 1st BrigadeBarrancasJuly 6th 1864

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Respectfully returned, From the statement of several officers, it appears that Col. Bulavsky had ordered Maj Alden to be present at review, that Maj Alden did not obey said order, he being detailed as, Field officer of the Day. After the reviews Col. Bulavsky sent for Maj Alden and asked to be informed why he (Maj A) had not attended review as ordered, to which he replied, as Col Bulavsky says, in an indifferent and rather disrespectful manner, all other officeers say that the Major was at no time disrespectful or impertiment. After some words the Col ordered Maj. Alden to his tent in arrest, at the same time ordering his horse, the Major went towards his tent, and ordered his horse, where upon the Col advanced to him using considerable profane language

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and ordering the Major not to leave camp, and at the same time pushing the Major towards his tent.

The Col finally drew the Major's sword from its scabbard, and threatened to run him through, he made one thrust at him which was dodged, The Col allusing at the same time using very opprobrious and scurrilous language toward sthe Major this in the presence of a large portion of the officers and enlisted men of the regiment. The officers whom I have examined all say the Major was respectful, and comforted himself with dignity and coolness.

In justice to all parties I would respectfully recommend that a 'Court of Inquiry' be called with as little delay as possible to investigate the matter.