Benjamin F. Parmenter to Brother

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CampBush HillAug 8th 1861Brother

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Well here we are at Bush Hill Camp yet and I do not know when we shall leave it There is various rumors in Camp about our leaving and joining some other brigade and some say one thing and some another and out of it all I can make nothing It is very warm thermometer yesterday rising one hundred in in the shade. The effects of camp life is plainly visible on the boys and bad management is breeding discontent in the Regmt When will those holding places of trust and high official

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learn to practice that which is for their own best interest Field officers are acountable only to those higher in rank than themselves and commssioned officers are generally to heedless to look after the welfare of their companies

I cannot see into the management of this regiment it is now three weeks since we come back from Bull Run in that affair We lost by no fault of our own our knapsacks with all the fixens with which we were suplied and all of our clothes except what we had on our backs so that we have not had a change since Our boys go to the brook and wash their shirts and then put them on their backs to dry which is very unhealthy for them Yesterday I was on drill about one hour and my clothes were

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so wet I could wring them like clothes out of the suds One cannot wear any kind of clothing but a short time until before it they get sour and after washing they need airing I washed mine once and dried them on my back but shall not do it again for it almost made me sick but what shall be done I do not know of anything but to grin and bear it.

Their is some rumors in camp among the boys that we have got to take another oath I mean those who enlisted previous to the sitting of the last Congress but we do not get anything but vauge idias of it now I wish you would find out how it is and write me about it do not write anything but what you learn for positive fact and be sure and get it from good authority.

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I have refrained here tofore from finding fault with our regiment and officers in its management because we had hopes it would be better but we have got most tired of waiting for that If to be a soldier in the cause of the federal government will not ensure us better treatment then I for one say that the cause is not worth fighting for

I am losing some of my patience of late to see the works we have here. Here in Alexandria after our retreat we had for our rations a loaf of bread that would cost in a bakers shop four cents and that after such a time as we had at Bull Run one thing I can say that if the state of Vermont looks to their own interest in its 2nd Regim it will look after it a little better in the future.

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