[Lawrence] D. Clark, [William] W. Pelton, [Hiram] E. Perkins, [Dudley K.] Andross, [Oscar S.] Tuttle, [William] H. Boynton, [Joseph] Bush, [David B.] Peck, [Eben S.] Hayward, and Wm. Y. W. Ripley to John Wolcott Phelps

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To J. Wolcott Phelps
Commanding 1st. Reg't. Vermont VolunteersDear Sir:-

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The subscribers, commanding officers in the 1st Reg't. V. V. M., feeling anxious that their men should receive all the care compatable with their duties as soldiers, would respectfully request, if the matter is not already decided, that the Regiment be permittedd to quarter in the building know as Willard's Hotel.

Without any desire to arrogate to themselves any power not belonging to them, the subscribers would represent that by far a great majority of the men are anxious to go into these quarters and are ready to furnish the necessary funds for the monthly rent.

With the greatest respect for our commander, the subscribers hope that this request will be granted them.

Fort Monroe, Va, May, 16th, 1861-Capt SD Clark, 1st Com
Capt. Wm. W. Pelton 2nd Co.
1st Lieut H.E. Perkins, Commanding 3d Company
Capt Andross 4th Co
Capt Tuttle Com. 5th Company
Capt W H Boynton, 6th, "
Capt Bush " 7th "
Capt. Peck " 8th "
Capt Hayward 9th
Wm. Y. W. Ripley Capt 10th Co