Frederick Holbrook to John Wolcott Phelps

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BrattleboroAug 8th.Gen Phelps.

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Pardon the liberty I take in addressing you. I have first received a letter from my son "Off Vicksburg" dated July 22nd in which he says "I have received no letter since I have been here." We have sent our letter to "New Orleans" supposing they would be forwarded where ever the regiment might be. We learn by papers that the 7th Vermont has gone to "Baton Rouge" if so will you please forward this letter their, or where ever they may be & oblige a mother who is anxcous her son should receive tidings from home. My good husband the "Governor is overwhelmed withe care of business, but join, in kind regards - you with great respect

H. G. Holbrook

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Brattleboro,Aug. 9. 1862.My dear General:-

As Mrs. Holbrook is writing you a woman's epistle, I embrace the opportunity to add a few words. I hear that the 7th Vt. Regt. has been having a very severe time off Vicksburg, and that nearly all the men are sick, & only have their Assistant Surgeon with them. IF Doct. Kelley is obliged, or it is for good reasons best for him, to be on other duty than that connected with his Regt., please inform me to that effect, & I will send the Regt another surgeon at once. Please understand that I find no fault whatever, but simply wish the Regt. to have two surgeons, especially as so large a number of the men are enfeebled & disabled.

The express understanding between Genl. Butler and myself was that the Vt. Regt. (7th & 8th) should be attached to your Brigade and be under your command, & he well knows that was the wish of all Vermonters. I see however, that in point of fact this understanding is not being carried out. What does it mean? I received your excellent letter a few days since speaking of the "Dark Brigade" you are raising. I should like much to be there to see.

In great haste, but with high regard, Your friend,Frederick Holbrook