George W. Quimby to Mother

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Camp near Hagerstwon, MDOct 28, 1862My dear Mother,

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I shall just write a word today.

I am getting better of my diarea I believe slowly. Everyday I think of you and sisters when I sit down to meals for the Butter Cheese and goodies come by nice and lovely. Every came nicely and the fattings and ticle these cold nights come in kose I assure you. The nights are becoming quite cold now and still we are expecting to go to work again in a day or two tho. there is no

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telling and we may not at all and I must say I am in hopes we shall not. I want Father to send my overcoat in a box by express directly as before except he need not put on Brook's Brigade - but 2nd Brigade Smith's Division Hagerstown MD - I cant get any decent kind of an overcoat here less than $30.00 and I may as well wear out the one at home I think - I wish you would send this at once and I may get it here - Wm. is getting along well will make a fine soldier as soon as he gets broken in.

Your affectionate son,G. W. Quimby