Henry A. Smith to Family

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Annapolis MDJan 10 1862Dear Mother Sisters and Brothers

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I ricieved your letter directed to W three days after you wrote it and the one directed to Anapolis two days after you wrote it I should written before but could not get any Postage stamps I am sorry to hear that Bill and Mike have such hard times cuting wood We shall be paid now in a day or two and I will try to make it a little easier for them I saw a great ma- ny pretty places on the way I will tell you now about the grand reception and dinner we had in Ny city when we got into the city it was Sunday morning we unloaded our horses and rode them up about two miles into the city and put them into

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some stables and we were marched down to an old house of ref uge and kept there untill we left the city and as for the dinner we had some hard Bread salt meat and coffee. It was almost dark when we went thro ugh Newark though we was a good many people and were cheered often the Captain has no thanks to make out an order for you to draw my state pay but as soon as he gets some I will have one made out and send it home We are going to be paid in Treasury notes then I suppose are safe to send in a letter these are a fiew things that I want which I could not get here without paying a great price and I guess I will have you send me some things in a box but not untill we are paid and I send some money home Our camp here is Comfortable and the weather now is

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about the same as in Vermont at the seting in of winter The camp is about two miles from the city on a level piece of ground We have been raising the tents about three feet by diging a ditch around the tent and seting in posts then banking up on the out side and seting the tent on top the posts it makes more room a is some warmer The horses had enough hay to eat in washington and enough grain The regiment lost tw twenty one horses since we left Burlington one died in the cars and another jumped out into the Hudson river while the cars were moving at the rate of 40 miles an hour the rest of the horses died in W. in the mud and the men had good Bread and fresh beef rice Potatoes sugar coffee and beans to eat so you cant tell much by

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what you hear in see in the papers you may look for some money in my next letter news just came in that the Vermont Brigade is coming into Camp here in a fiew days I will tell you what kind of a box I want and a list of the things I want you to send I want a box about a foot and a half wide 2 feet long and 10 inches deep. stoutly nailed and made of thee quar ters of an inch boards of one inch I want one flanel shirt get my boots taped and put them in and 25 onions some cheese and a jug of cider jug to hold two quarts and a bunch of envelopes I have paper enough put in what other victuals you please. have three rows of nails put in the top of the boots and 3 in the heel

from your sonHenry A Smith